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Creating commissioned works for whatever your heart desires.. 

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Creating content for professional and personal blogs since 2015.

Quick Facts

I am infected with art, poetry, the written word and all things creative; and I don't foresee this going away anytime soon. 

Since I was 5 years old I have been trying to create something artistic that would represent my thoughts and ideas on page, canvas, board or many other types of supports or substrates. I noticed at a young age that I could copy most anything I looked at and this dominated my youth, but it was in the summer of '99 that I first tried my hand at acrylics and oils and haven't looked back. I painted heavily that year but have gone through creative peaks and lulls where I just haven't felt the inspiration enough to paint, so I am trying to get that back currently from a long hiatus.

I am currently working to compile all of my works, whether written, illustrated, painted or created and will represent many of them on this website.

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About Me

MPS, strategic leadership
austin peay state university
I first honed my serious writing chops while working on my Masters, but I began writing early on in life, dabbling in poetry and prose.

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Content Creation

James Michael Marlow

Published in literature for both illustrations and authorship.

​​and I’m an artist based near Charlotte NC

MA, Organizational Leadership
austin peay state university
My leadership degree from APSU has helped me in my business career and hope to one day help me in my own business.
Age: 41

DEGREE: MPS, Strategic Leadership


Professional Experience
content WRITER
  • Writing 15-20 blogs a month for blogmutt outside of the 5-8 other website content blogs I also write.

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