James Marlow            
The Nashville Series
This first picture was inspired by a local trip to a park in Tennessee with my family.  I wanted to capture the falls in a manner that would remind me of that time and this is what came from that memory.  It was a fun time as all family times should be and this painting helps me recall it. I have typically called this painting Waterfall. Composed of acrylics

The two forest-scapes painted with the crows were painted originally for our living room in Nashville.  I felt the two large expanses behind our couch could use some decoration and chose to create these. I call these two Golden Forest and Quiet Wood. Both were composed with acrylics

The path through the woods was done because the area of hall way first seen when coming up the stairs of our house had no scenery, so I put this composition together to fill that void. Composed with acrylics

The Fall Tree painting was created over the course of 3 years.  I began this work with no idea of where I wanted to go but simply wanted to create a large tree.  My intention was to put this in my study but sister really liked it and so I gave it to her for Christmas 2014. Composed in oil.

The next painting was done for my office at work in Franklin TN.  I needed something to cover the wall and was also experimenting with a new style in composition.  I call this one pond and trees and it was created in acrylics.

The last work is a remake of a past work of leaves on water.  I had a new vision and decided to redo what I had once done.  This one is a favorite of mine and means a lot to me.  The original was created at a place and time in my life when things were dark and so the re-creation of this piece is at a new, better time in my life.  Composed in acrylics.

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